Welcome To The New IMPCT.co

by Taylor Scobbie May 19, 2016

Double the IMPCT

The day has finally come to unveil the new iteration (version 2.0!) of our IMPCT.co website. This website is the culmination of the last six months of our efforts around the world. 

IMPCT is founded on the idea that vulnerable communities are only a few key resources away from being able to provide quality classroom education for their own children. Our Playcare franchise brings the education training and infrastructure while our in-development IMPCT Investment Platform aims to bring the necessary capital. 

As our relationships with the communities we work with strengthen we've come to realize that there's more we can do to help. We can help those communities generate their own capital by improving their existing economic activities. Put simply? We help them earn more for what they're already doing and we reinvest it into Playcares for the community. This is early education through economic empowerment. 

Beyond Fair Trade

Over at our brand new store you can find our very first attempt at this; a limited edition line of premium coffees sourced from our Playcare communities in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Taiwan. The concept? We pay a premium to local low-income and aboriginal coffee farmers for their green beans and have them roasted and packaged by some of Taiwan's top coffee roasters. 

The result? When sourcing directly we pay our farmers over 10x the current Fair Trade premium. This helps put more money in the pockets of the people who work hard to grow this amazing coffee. On the other side, every dollar earned from the sale of these coffees gets reinvested directly into new Playcare projects or provides scholarships for children in those communities. We dare you to find a higher impact product anywhere. 

The Future 

Behind the scenes we're busy working on our IMPCT Investment Platform. We're hoping to have an early alpha of that available soon here on impct.co.

Other than that we have a few more very exciting products lined up for launch in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for our very first collaborative jam with RedOnTree releasing next week and if whole bean coffee isn't for you we're bringing you single serving pour over bags soon. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments (or found any typos on the website!) please don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail. 



Taylor Scobbie
Taylor Scobbie


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