IMPCT Coffee - Wafulean Farm, Pingtung Taiwan.


We're always looking to do things just a little bit better and our coffees are no exception. Our new "Farm to Future" coffees have been roasted in collaboration with Cafe LuGuo, easily one of Taiwan's top "third wave" roasters. 

Fair Trade specifies a price of $1.40 per pound paid to farmers; a $0.20 premium over market price. We source our coffee directly from low-income and aboriginal farmers and pay them 10-30 times the premium they'd receive for being Fair Trade certified.

Although much of that surplus will spill over into the community we believe that ethical sourcing means taking an active role in improving the communities who grow our amazing coffee. We re-invest 100% of the profits from every bag of coffee we sell into our Playcare and Weekend Playcare programs. What does this mean? Building more quality community owned and operated schools to serve at-risk and low-income communities. 

This particular coffee was grown by Taiwu Aboriginal farmers at Wafulean Farm in Pingtung, Taiwan. We've worked with aboriginal farmers all over Taiwan and we're not ashamed to admit that this is our favorite coffee yet. This is a small family farm, operated by a father and his two daughters, who use the relatively uncommon pulped natural processing technique which produces a very clean and sweet cup of coffee. 100% of the profits from this coffee go to support our Weekend Playcare program, which provides quality weekend education to the children of aboriginal families who work informal weekend jobs. 

Product Information
Type: Freshly roasted whole bean coffee
Weight: 225g
Origin: Wafulean Farm, Pingtung Taiwan. 
Tasting Notes: Sweet grass jelly, oolong tea.  
Roaster: LuGuo Cafe Taipei. 



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